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Common Mistakes When Choosing A Web Host

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing A Web Host

It is understandable that mistakes are made when choosing a web host. There are so many companies all trying to win you over and more features than you can imagine. How do you avoid making the common mistakes when choosing a web host? Where do the most people go wrong? Let’s find out so you don’t end up in the same boat!

choosing a web hostKeep Up With Uptime
When you create a site the whole point of having it is so that it can be seen. The industry standard guaranteed uptime is 99.9% any less and you are not getting what you deserve. Even if the hosting company advertises the industry standard or better read some customer reviews to get an idea on the actual uptime and how quickly any problems are solved. Uptime is an important factor in choosing a web host.

Hard Rules Against Software
Each host allows different software so if you have specific programs that the site requires make sure you check first. The problem software tends to be for creating memberships or tracking links, if you need either of these definitely ask because many hosts will not allow this kind of software.

Choosing a Web Host on Small Price, Big Sacrifice
It can be tempting when choosing a web host  to go with the lowest price, however this is a major mistake. Online space is not as expensive as it once was and features are getting easier to come by. This being true it can be beneficial in the long run to spend that extra couple of dollars for the space and features you really need rather than save a little and miss out on a lot.

Right Host, Wrong Style
Hosting comes in many different forms and one hosting company will frequently offer many different styles of hosting. A responsible website builder will research the many styles while keeping their site in mind and choose the one which best suits their needs. Web Hosting $3.95

Getting Distracted
With so many different plans and features is it easy to get caught up in all the excitement of starting a website and forget what makes a plan worth its price. The important things are uptime, storage space and speed and customer support. Anything else is a bonus, why pay for features you will never use?

If it’s time to start a website, come into the market with a clear set of goals and be prepared to do some research. There are many plans and hosts out there, but you can quickly and easily find the one for you if you take the time to do things right. When choosing a web host, do your research to make sure it fits the requirements you need.