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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is what allows people to view a website. Without a host a site cannot exist online. It keeps your website in one little area which can be very useful, however there are other options. Shared  web hosting sees your website set up on a much larger server in a data centre. For the big sites out there, a server dedicated to just one site can be made so that all the data is in one place and there is plenty of room for visitors. This option is only used by sites that frequently have millions of visitors, the average site doesn’t need to go this far.

Baweb hostingndwidth and Storage Space

Trying to decide where to set up a website can leave you feeling like web hosting companies are speaking another language. There are so many spots available, but how can you decide where is the best home for your website?

Bandwidth is an important factor to consider. This determines how many people can visit a site. Bandwidth counts for an entire month so a visitor that lands on the site at the start of the month with me seen as still there at the end of the month. It’s important to have enough bandwidth to cover the number of visitors your site is expecting.

Storage space covers the amount of data a website can display. A blog that only displays text is not going to need as much storage space as a travel site that has videos showing the destinations clients can visit. Think about your website content now, and in the future, the more ambitious or extravagant, the more storage space required with your web hosting.

Cloud storage is a new trend that users internet wide are jumping for joy at. When boiled down, cloud storage means that instead of having your website living in one machine, it lives in many! This is great news if you plan to expand, as there will be plenty of space across the many machines! Plus you only pay for the space you and your visitors are taking up so if you suddenly hit it big, you’ll have room. Likewise, if views are down one month, you will not be charged for the larger space you needed previously.

Pay Rent or Couch Surf?

Depending on the goals of a website, it can be practical to use free web hosting. If the site is not intended to become a business, or any sort of larger traffic site, then a web host offering free spots will do the job. However this means the host needs to make their money elsewhere which usually means allowing advertisements to be placed on your site is compulsory.

As the website grows, so will its needs. There may come a time where you need to consider arranging your own hosting or cloud hosting. But in the beginning, shared hosting will do the trick for those sites with higher goals. To find the best web hosting requires a little research, so check our reviews to see which company will suit your needs.

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