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Can you really get free domain hosting?

Updated 9 Septemeber 2016: Free domain hosting is really a thing! However it can be easy to get caught up in what claims to be free, but really isn’t. This style of domain is perfect for someone who is looking to start a small site and is willing to make compromises to do so.

free domain hostingFinding a Free Domain Hosting Company
There are those companies that will offer a free domain name as a thank you for choosing their company, but there is the opportunity to have both a free domain name and free domain hosting. Getting started is as simple as doing a search for free domain names. You will be greeting with a massive amount of information but this is a great way to start weeding out what is actually free domain hosting and what comes with a catch.

To make running your site easy it makes sense to look fr the companies that provide free hosting as well as a free domain name. This makes solving any issues or just asking questions about either topic easy as both are dealt with in the same place.

What’s The Catch
A truly free domain name will be provided for nothing, as is the definition of free! Some claim to be free but actually want something in return. Examples of tasks you might be asked to perform to earn your ‘free’ domain name include: posting for a company into forums, provide feedback to improve a company, allow advertisements on your website. While these costs to do not effect your bank account, they do cost you time and advertisements might turn potential customers or visitors off your website.

No Need To Compromise On Value
There is no benefit to having your website hosted for free by a free domain hosting company if the site crashes frequently because the storage space or bandwidth is not high enough. The whole idea of having a site is that it can be used. Most free domain hosting users are new to the game and so are inexperienced in building websites. There are free domain hosting companies that provide a website builder to help their users, some even offer one click installation from outside applications!

VPS Hosting $15/mo

Keep in mind that is something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Before signing up with any company do your research.

Free domain names and hosting are available with no ‘favours’ needed to earn the ‘free’ domain. If you do your research you can find the perfect free domain hosting company to host your site and get you started.