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Can you really get free domain hosting?

Updated 9 Septemeber 2016: Free domain hosting is really a thing! However it can be easy to get caught up in what claims to be free, but really isn’t. This style of domain is perfect for someone who is looking to start a small site and is willing to make compromises to do so.

free domain hostingFinding a Free Domain Hosting Company
There are those companies that will offer a free domain name as a thank you for choosing their company, but there is the opportunity to have both a free domain name and free domain hosting. Getting started is as simple as doing a search for free domain names. You will be greeting with a massive amount of information but this is a great way to start weeding out what is actually free domain hosting and what comes with a catch.

To make running your site easy it makes sense to look fr the companies that provide free hosting as well as a free domain name. This makes solving any issues or just asking questions about either topic easy as both are dealt with in the same place.

What’s The Catch
A truly free domain name will be provided for nothing, as is the definition of free! Some claim to be free but actually want something in return. Examples of tasks you might be asked to perform to earn your ‘free’ domain name include: posting for a company into forums, provide feedback to improve a company, allow advertisements on your website. While these costs to do not effect your bank account, they do cost you time and advertisements might turn potential customers or visitors off your website.

No Need To Compromise On Value
There is no benefit to having your website hosted for free by a free domain hosting company if the site crashes frequently because the storage space or bandwidth is not high enough. The whole idea of having a site is that it can be used. Most free domain hosting users are new to the game and so are inexperienced in building websites. There are free domain hosting companies that provide a website builder to help their users, some even offer one click installation from outside applications!

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Keep in mind that is something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Before signing up with any company do your research.

Free domain names and hosting are available with no ‘favours’ needed to earn the ‘free’ domain. If you do your research you can find the perfect free domain hosting company to host your site and get you started.

web host

Finding the best web host

Websites are being used for everything today, from businesses and self advertising to online journals, so finding the right web host is important! Building a site is the easy part, but it needs a web host to put it online for visitors to find. If you’re new to websites, let us introduce you to how it all works.

web hostWhat is a Website Host?

A web host is a company that has the technology required to stay online permanently. Servers are used to do this, this are like very big computers with lots of room and a never ending internet connection. When you sign up with a host you are renting some space on these servers so that your website will always be connected to the internet. A host will also allow you to purchase a domain name which is the address people use to find your website.

Choosing A Web Host

Every hosting company offers different plans with varying features. Paying close attention to the features you can and will use is key to choosing the right host. Different hosts have different types of server operating systems. Depending on the complexity of your website this may not be an issue.

Storage space relates to the size of your site. A text site will be very small, throw in a few pictures and you’ll start needing more space. Videos and the like take up the most room so the content of your site dictates how much storage space you will need.

How popular will your site be? Bandwidth covers the traffic to your site. If it is likely to be visited frequently then you will need a larger amount. If it’s not so popular yet you can get by with a little. However it is important to note that it’s better to have too much bandwidth than too little. If you go over your allowance the site may be taken down for the remainder of the month and extra fees may be charged.

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Once you have signed up with a web host they will offer you a designated number of email accounts that relate to your domain name. Think about your businesses or websites needs as to whether the number offered will met your requirements.

Hosting Costs

Free hosting does exist. However there are many drawbacks if you are hoping for a professional appearance. Free hosting usually does not offer you a domain name so you are stuck with what you are given which will likely not relate to your website at all. Advertisements will be placed on your site that are beyond your control both in placement and topic. Finally there are strict restrictions on storage space and bandwidth.

Pricing is generally run on a shared hosting model which sees you renting space on a server also used by many other sites. The price, paid monthly, depends on the amount of storage space and bandwidth you need. A fee is also applicable to register the domain name and must be renewed every couple of years.

The larger businesses that need more space, high performance and availability will choose to use a dedicated server. This plan gives them a server all to themselves and is vastly more expensive than shared hosting. This option is only used by the largest companies.

A host will keep your site online consistently. You will be charged according to the space you need and the visitors expected. Finding a web host is as simple as knowing exactly what you want from your site.


How do I get the best wordpress hosting?

You can find WordPress hosting at most major website hosting facilities. WordPress offers two main types of hosting known as and Hosting with allows your actual website to be hosted by WordPress itself, which is free if you are using the basic packages. This option is mainly used by small blogs. is a program, this means you need to find a host for your website first and then install onto the host’s website builder, this sounds like a lot of work but it actually makes the site much more customisable. This option is used by millions of different sites including business websites and blogs. How can you tell which option is right for you? We’re here to help with that.


This is the most basic style of WordPress hosting, it comes with a subdomain, which is like a domain name, but you are advertising the host as well as yourself. The address might be “” which shows the name of your site and the host you are using. If the site is for personal use or is a start up to learn how websites work, this isn’t an issue. However a business should not stay on this track for too long as it appears unprofessional.

WordPress Hosting limited the amount of storage space and bandwidth available to each user as well as limited how customised each site can be. If you are looking for a basic site, or somewhere to start is perfect and once you find your feet they do have options to upgrade to a more professional look including a domain name, more space and templates. Upgrades can be taken care of through your current account.

This version is one of the most popular hosting styles on the planet because it is an incredibly easy to use program. The downside is you need to have a host compatible with MySQL and PHP, fear not as this is standard with most hosts these days. Once you have selected your host using WordPress is as easy as uploading it to your website and getting stuck in to building! WordPress is highly customisable and offers so much freedom enabling many features and themes. This is a bit of a costly approach however you could not get a more professional appearance anywhere else, and if money is a worry you have the control to place advertisements on your site if you’d like extra cash!

Who Should Use WordPress?

The short answer? Everyone! The .com version is a great starting point for small businesses and setting up your site with WordPress hosting gives them the skills they will need when it’s time to expand. Individuals can make great use of this version too! If it’s a professional site you desire .org has everything you need to stand out from the crowd although you will need to bring your own host and domain, after that leave everything to .org!

If you are unsure, starting out on .com is a great way to see if WordPress hosting can make all your website dreams come true, plus you gain experience on the most popular platform in the world! Remember to pay attention to the .com versions restrictions, this is only a starting block on you’re ready to reach for the clouds it’s time to upgrade to org.


WordPress is the platform for everyone. No matter what style of site you need, WordPress can do it. Plus once you are comfortable, you never have to leave, it’s as easy as clicking a button to upgrade and get even more of the features you love! Good WordPress hosting is not hard to find as all of the major hosting companies offer it.

vps hosting

What’s the scoop on VPS hosting?

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting  has been quickly rising in popularity and continues to do so because of the cost effective plans available which offer total customisation. VPS hosting provides the benefits of both dedicated and shared hosting for a more reasonable price! This is why more and more website builders are choosing to go with VPS hosting options. But to understand the benefits, we first need to understand what VPS actually is.

vps hostingWhat is VPS Hosting?
Most websites are hosted on physical servers that can hold many thousands of websites. Sites held on a VPS plan are no different. They are still on a server, however some software is used to make the experience as private as a dedicated server. This software actually dedicates space to your website, that no other site on the server can touch or affect, basically the software allows users to have a dedicated server for a fraction of the price!

Benefits of Using VPS Hosting
If complete control is your thing then VPS is for you as it allows complete customisation of your website, the kicker is that some previous knowledge is a must. If you’re unsure though there are plenty of professionals that would be glad to assist.

Are you application and widget crazy? VPS allows installation of as many as you like. It’s your server so go for it! Plus you will have the ability to choose your operating system and firewalls. Once you’re in the server feel free to install any software or programs you need, as long as you have space for them, you’re free to do as you please.

A VPS is exactly as it says, private and also highly secure, if your server could do with a reboot you can do so at any time without impacting on other servers and if the server next to you goes down, you will not be affected!

Looking to set up a number of sites? A VPS can hold them all and the plans to do so are much cheaper than dedicated hosting and have many more options than shared hosting.

There are so many benefits to choosing a VPS plan as long as you take the right plan with the right host. Some technical experience is required so be aware of the issues you might run into before signing up. If you have a clear plan for your website and know how to implement it, or have the people to do it for you, VPS hosting is a dream come true!


Why Choose Unlimited Bandwidth?

Bandwidth relates to measuring how much data you website is using and finding unlimited bandwidth hosting requires some homework. It’s not necessarily how many people visit a site. For example if a page is filled with pictures and videos it might take up 500MB so each time a person visits 500MB of data is transferred from your website to their computer so they can see the page. However a page that is mainly text might only be 100MB so if five people visit this page it takes up the same amount of bandwidth as one person visiting the previous page. Most hosts now offer unlimited bandwidth to their users however how far does ‘unlimited’ really go?

unlimited bandwidth

Completely Unlimited

Believe it or not there are some hosts out there that actually offer completely unlimited bandwidth. There are no catches or hidden costs and you will not be forced to upgrade. With these hosts it doesn’t matter how many pictures or videos you show on your site the plan will cover it. However, most websites will not need this kind of coverage and could save money choosing a different option.

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Pretending Unlimited

The fine print will catch you every time! Truly unlimited anything is not common with hosting. There is almost always a catch in the form of a fair usage policy to keep site traffic at a more reasonable amount. Which is strange considering they advertised unlimited…Even the fair usage policies can come with  fine print that says the site might run slower during peak times. Most users will not be bothered by the restrictions of those hosts pretending to offer unlimited as the allowances still cover what the site needs.

Qualifying For Unlimited

There are hosts out there that want you to qualify for the right to use their unlimited features. They watch to see how much data you use in a month and if you are unlikely to go over their fair usage policy you may sign up. Make sure you read the fine print because while they claim to offer unlimited data some hosts actually demand extra fees be paid if you go over their fair usage amount!


Unlimited bandwidth can be great if it is truly unlimited. Read the fine print and know how much support your site is going to need. The majority of website builders (more than 99%) actually do not need unlimited bandwidth so before signing up, do some research and plan your site so you only pay for what you need and don’t get slapped with extra charges.

dedicated hosting

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is website hosting that allows a user to have a server all to themselves. This can be used for many different purposes but is most commonly used for hosting websites. Many websites can all come from the one server but it is used by only one person or company.

The Good and The Bad

dedicated hostingThe upsides to dedicated hosting is that there is a lot of flexibility. The user can select the hardware they’d like to use as well as the operating system they’d prefer. Websites hosted by a dedicated server have a better uptime because there aren’t as many people trying to access the same place causing congestion.

The downside is that to have your own server and so much control costs quite a lot. With shared hosting the cost of running the server is shared, but with dedicated hosting the costs is all on the one user.

When To Move To Dedicated Hosting

The only sites that actually need to choose dedicated hosting are the large corporations that have lots of traffic frequently. With so many people scrambling to view the site, there isn’t really another option. To be successful on a dedicated server it is important to have some technical experience as the server is completely in the users control and they can do all sorts of wonderful things with it.

No Need To Stress

Dedicated hosting does not have to be a nerve wracking experience. If anything goes wrong the the server it is likely to be fixed very quickly, even quicker than the servers used for shared hosting. As there is only one user on the server all issues are easier to solve and much fewer and farther between. Dedicated hosting should mean that the user can relax more because there are far less chances of things going wrong and on the extremely rare occasion that they do, they will be solved quickly.

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The hosting company offering dedicated servers must have a supportive and well trained customer service team and people on the ground in the data centre that strongly know what they are doing. If this support network is behind the site then dedicated hosting is a breeze. It is important to remember that only the largest of sites require this service, it’s expensive and should only be used by those who need it. If you are looking to upgrade, be sure to shop around for dedicated hosting as there are deals out there that will save you money.

control panel

Which control panel do I need for my web hosting?

How do I choose the right Control Panel for my website?

A control panel is the dashboard used by website builders to control their website! A decent panel will provide easy and intuitive management of the site as well as email accounts and domain names. It may even show some website statistics and will enable the builder to upload, delete and edit the files on their website.

control panelUsing a Control Panel
A control panel must be easy to figure out and use, there is now also the expectation that it will be intuitive to make building even more comfortable for its user. The more time spent learning how to use the control panel the longer it takes to get your site online. A control panel must allow even the most inexperienced user to try it out and understand quickly.

Management Features
There are many different aspects of a website that can be managed by its control panel. Some hosting companies offer users access to multiple domains. It is the control panel that will allow users to set these up easily without the needing to contact their host. Not only this but it also possible to build on those domains with the same panel and assign their storage space and bandwidth allowances.

Email accounts are an important part of any website. Once a user has many different domains all with their own email account it can become a tad too busy and confusing. The control panel allows its user to add and remove emails and possibly set up automatic responders. Doing it all from the one place makes life so much easier.

Finally and most importantly the control panel will allow users to manage their website! This includes uploading files and applications, deleting data, editing files and content, adding and editing software on the site and anything else you would like to do on the website itself! Web Hosting $3.95

Data and Statistics
Statistics are vital as they will show what is and isn’t working for the site, what visitors are doing when they stop by and which pages they are getting the most from. They also show the technical side such as how much storage space and bandwidth are being used and when it’s time to upgrade to a larger plan. Statistics are a website’s best friend and can also be found through the control panel.

Control panels vary greatly but fundamentally they must be easy to use and at a minimum provide users with the features outlined in this article. A user must be comfortable and in control with the panel they are using, before signing up to a host, check which control panel they offer.

choosing a web host

Common Mistakes When Choosing A Web Host

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing A Web Host

It is understandable that mistakes are made when choosing a web host. There are so many companies all trying to win you over and more features than you can imagine. How do you avoid making the common mistakes when choosing a web host? Where do the most people go wrong? Let’s find out so you don’t end up in the same boat!

choosing a web hostKeep Up With Uptime
When you create a site the whole point of having it is so that it can be seen. The industry standard guaranteed uptime is 99.9% any less and you are not getting what you deserve. Even if the hosting company advertises the industry standard or better read some customer reviews to get an idea on the actual uptime and how quickly any problems are solved. Uptime is an important factor in choosing a web host.

Hard Rules Against Software
Each host allows different software so if you have specific programs that the site requires make sure you check first. The problem software tends to be for creating memberships or tracking links, if you need either of these definitely ask because many hosts will not allow this kind of software.

Choosing a Web Host on Small Price, Big Sacrifice
It can be tempting when choosing a web host  to go with the lowest price, however this is a major mistake. Online space is not as expensive as it once was and features are getting easier to come by. This being true it can be beneficial in the long run to spend that extra couple of dollars for the space and features you really need rather than save a little and miss out on a lot.

Right Host, Wrong Style
Hosting comes in many different forms and one hosting company will frequently offer many different styles of hosting. A responsible website builder will research the many styles while keeping their site in mind and choose the one which best suits their needs. Web Hosting $3.95

Getting Distracted
With so many different plans and features is it easy to get caught up in all the excitement of starting a website and forget what makes a plan worth its price. The important things are uptime, storage space and speed and customer support. Anything else is a bonus, why pay for features you will never use?

If it’s time to start a website, come into the market with a clear set of goals and be prepared to do some research. There are many plans and hosts out there, but you can quickly and easily find the one for you if you take the time to do things right. When choosing a web host, do your research to make sure it fits the requirements you need.

cloud hosting

What is cloud hosting?

How do you know if you need cloud hosting? 

cloud hostingWeb hosting has fast become a busy and competitive industry with so many different offers by a multitude of companies it can be tough trying to get your head around it all. Cloud hosting offers its users high performance, versatility and infrastructure to guarantee a secure and manageable interface that will still meet all of your websites needs. Cloud hosting obviously gets its name from its real world counterpart. The idea was that data could be stored in a way that would be invisible over the internet, like the data is hidden in a cloud and out of sight.


Features of Cloud Hosting

This form of hosting is fairly new and has become popular very quickly. It offers more powerful, extensible and secure hosting than the traditional set up. As a result of being in the cloud the websites are better protected from outages or other negative factors as the chain of servers that work together to support the cloud can cover for each other if some stop working. The websites are not pinned to one data centre and are free to move as needed to maintain their uptime.


Cloud hosting is actually made up of an application or program that runs on one or many different servers. These servers all work together to form virtualisation which just means that one or more servers are configured and partitioned into many servers that all work separately but will appear as one server to a user. It is this virtualisation that allows users to back up, upload, share files and so much more. Some companies even allow their users to manage permissions, restrictions and access to files.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are so many benefits to being on the cloud. These include:


  • Flexibility and security
  • Resource pooling
  • Device and location independence
  • Fast service
  • High performance and productivity
  • Virtualisation
  • Low costs and easy maintenance
  • Data encryption



Hosting on the cloud is an amazing opportunity that offers users greater security and protection from events that disrupt uptime. With all data being encrypted users are well protected from online threats and with greater control there are no barriers to prevent users for making their perfect website. Look into cloud hosting today as an alternative.

shared hosting

What is shared hosting?

Is shared hosting for you? 

Shared hosting is one of the most popular forms of hosting on the market today. If you are interested in quickly getting a successful and possibly money earning site active as soon as possible then it’s time to make a quick decision on hosting. In this article we will investigate the pros and cons of shared hosting to help you make an educated decision.


shared hostingPros
The top feature that attracts website builders to shared hosting is the low cost. Most providers are able to sign you up to a plan that will offer all the space needed to get started, with the opportunity for expansion as well as unlimited domains and outstanding service for the price of lunch, or less! Shared hosting is a great option for new websites for this reason, it’s so easy to get started and will not break the bank. Save up to 60% on web hosting with Lock in the savings to get enterprise level hosting from for only $7.95 a month.

Upgrading made easy. This is generally speaking. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, discuss options with the host first. Most hosts however make it easy to upgrade! Once the site is well established, it will attract more and more visitors which will lead to requiring an upgrade, this usually means changing to a VPS plan. Most hosts know this is an eventuality and have a process in place that makes upgrading quick and pain free. Shared hosting done well does not lock you in and allows you to grow, making it such a wonderful place to start. Site Builder


For most users there is no argument against shared hosting. It is indisputably the best place to start your take over of the internet!  However for some, this is not the case. Some software is not permitted on shared hosting sites, because there are so many people on one server it is easier to keep the sites as simple as possible so if the site needs a specific software, check with the host first.

If speed is key, shared hosting may disappoint you in this area also. Most of the time speed isn’t much of an issue, but during peak hours when many of the sites on one server are being accessed, it can slow everybody’s site down.


First time users in general will strongly benefit from shared hosting, the low cost and range of features means they can get a strong start online. Once it is time to move up in the digital world a good host will be there to support you in your upgrade. If you are thinking of starting with shared hosting, it is important to ask questions about now, and the future.