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Choosing a domain name

Choosing your domain name is one of the biggest decisions made when you are working on your website. If you choose the right one visitors will be able to find the site quickly and easily identify it. Make the wrong decision and it could be very difficult for visitors to find your website. Let’s look at ways you can make sure the correct decision is made.

domain nameKeywords

Thinking of your company or reason for setting up a website, what are some keywords that relate to it? Once you have some words worked out, start to look at phrases. Once you’ve gotten this far you will have a few domain name ideas sitting right in front of you!

What’s In A Domain Name?

A domain name is a chance to show of your company or brand. The name should give people an idea of what they will find on your site. This name should set you apart from the competition and inspire further branding ideas.

Are You The Only One?

Now that you have a refined list of potential names it’s time to see if anyone else thought of it first. There are sites online that allow you check which names are already registered. Run your list through the site and cross of any that are taken or have similar names already in use. You want to stand out so if any pop up that resemble yours even slightly, forget it. Pay attention to copyrights too, there is a government website that covers copyright, use this to make sure you won’t be stepping on any toes.

Keep It Simple

If it’s hard to communicate the domain name to another person then it’s not the right name. If they spell it wrong they could even up at a different site and take their custom there. Trends come and go so while it might be tempting to jump on the bandwagon at the moment, in six months everyone will have moved on and you’re stuck with a dated site that may actually put people off because if you can’t get over a trend, how can you run a business?

Choosing a domain name is not a task to take lightly. This is the name that will live with you and represent you so it needs to stand out and attract people. Keep your domain name simple, catchy and easy to use.