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eHost claims to be the only host you’ll ever need with all the resources you could ever desire to become a success online. Let’s look at what they offer and see if this is really true.

Best Features

These days anyone might need to build a website for any reason. eHost knows this and has a superb drag and drop website creator. Removing the need for coding and making building a website possible for anyone. Nevertheless if a user does desire that extra control there is support for HTML.

How does having a free email address and domain for your website for life sound? Well that’s exactly what eHost offers! This feature alone saves their users substantial dollars!

Customer support. Just the thought makes some people nauseous. eHost understands that building, maintaining and upgrading a website is a difficult task. Which easily becomes stressful and can put a user off having a site. They come to the rescue with 24/7 access to website builders, hosting providers and more. Plus you can get in touch in a way that works for you, call, email or live chat, whichever options helps you the best. Help is only ever two minutes away.

Top reputation. eHost is known for its services. This means users are offered affordable assistance, affordable hosting and can join without worry because they know that whatever their needs, eHost is here for them.

Who Can Use eHost?

Put simply. Everyone! This host is perfect for people who are looking to use a web host that will be able to do more than just host their site. But also support them when needed. With unbelievable response times, users can quickly get the help they need and move on.

However eHost is not solely for new website builders. They can easily adapt to the users skill level so if you are experienced and want to work with people who are on your level or higher, eHost is perfect. They have professional grade services that will appeal to any website builder!

This is just for starters and it’s already leagues above many other hosts! These are all the basic tools a website needs to become a success, plus with a user friendly interface, you can’t go wrong.


Typical of web hosts eHost offers pay by the month, or annual plans at a discount. For example their Pro Monthly plan is $6.99 per month. Buy 12 months and the price comes down to $4.99 per month. The savings continue to 36 months at $2.99 per month. The downside is that the second you choose the plan you’d like to go with, they start advertising all the different add ons available. Which can make a potential user feel pressured. However, when you look at other hosts, they don’t offer free domains or emails, instead this is where they make their money, so eHost can be forgiven for being a little pushy.


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Hosting Features

There are some features that come with any plan through eHost. These features are:

  • One gigabyte of cloud storage space
  • Free email account
  • 45 Day Money Back guarantee
  • $200 Free advertising credits
  • Unlimited My SQL databases
  • Unmeasured bandwidth
  • Unrivaled customer support

Hosting Technology

A fear for many new site owners is that their website will not be reliable. Once a site gets a reputation for crashing, it can deter visitors from trying it. eHost understand this and has taken measures to give its users peace of mind.

Powered by the well known Apache eHost boast reliability and uptime. To ensure they can continue to boast, they carry out daily server backups and have 24/7 monitoring. Taking these precautions means they are able to provide a reliable service that is fast and stable.

Building on eHost

Easy to read and manoeuvre eHost makes website creation simple. They do expect you to come prepared so make sure you have a clear plan set out, including your domain name. The site builder is simple to use and understands its users.

Although it doesn’t allow the detail or control of some other builders, if you are looking to be more hands on it’s easy to change from the host site builder and add another to the site for your use. eHost will do anything it can to make your stay comfortable, easy and efficient.


This is an incredible host that offers services users thought they could only dream of. Help is always only two minutes away and the site is so easy to use, the need for help is rare. Plan prices are average for the market, however the services offered are not so the user is definitely getting value for money. eHost is everything the beginner needs to get started and everything the professional needs to improve.

Average: 4.3

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eHost Review on Nov 24, 2015 rated 4.9 of 5
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