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Finding the best web host

Websites are being used for everything today, from businesses and self advertising to online journals, so finding the right web host is important! Building a site is the easy part, but it needs a web host to put it online for visitors to find. If you’re new to websites, let us introduce you to how it all works.

web hostWhat is a Website Host?

A web host is a company that has the technology required to stay online permanently. Servers are used to do this, this are like very big computers with lots of room and a never ending internet connection. When you sign up with a host you are renting some space on these servers so that your website will always be connected to the internet. A host will also allow you to purchase a domain name which is the address people use to find your website.

Choosing A Web Host

Every hosting company offers different plans with varying features. Paying close attention to the features you can and will use is key to choosing the right host. Different hosts have different types of server operating systems. Depending on the complexity of your website this may not be an issue.

Storage space relates to the size of your site. A text site will be very small, throw in a few pictures and you’ll start needing more space. Videos and the like take up the most room so the content of your site dictates how much storage space you will need.

How popular will your site be? Bandwidth covers the traffic to your site. If it is likely to be visited frequently then you will need a larger amount. If it’s not so popular yet you can get by with a little. However it is important to note that it’s better to have too much bandwidth than too little. If you go over your allowance the site may be taken down for the remainder of the month and extra fees may be charged.

VPS Hosting $15/mo

Once you have signed up with a web host they will offer you a designated number of email accounts that relate to your domain name. Think about your businesses or websites needs as to whether the number offered will met your requirements.

Hosting Costs

Free hosting does exist. However there are many drawbacks if you are hoping for a professional appearance. Free hosting usually does not offer you a domain name so you are stuck with what you are given which will likely not relate to your website at all. Advertisements will be placed on your site that are beyond your control both in placement and topic. Finally there are strict restrictions on storage space and bandwidth.

Pricing is generally run on a shared hosting model which sees you renting space on a server also used by many other sites. The price, paid monthly, depends on the amount of storage space and bandwidth you need. A fee is also applicable to register the domain name and must be renewed every couple of years.

The larger businesses that need more space, high performance and availability will choose to use a dedicated server. This plan gives them a server all to themselves and is vastly more expensive than shared hosting. This option is only used by the largest companies.

A host will keep your site online consistently. You will be charged according to the space you need and the visitors expected. Finding a web host is as simple as knowing exactly what you want from your site.