How do I get the best wordpress hosting?

You can find WordPress hosting at most major website hosting facilities. WordPress offers two main types of hosting known as WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Hosting with WordPress.com allows your actual website to be hosted by WordPress itself, which is free if you are using the basic packages. This option is mainly used by small blogs. WordPress.org is a program, this means you need to find a host for your website first and then install WordPress.org onto the host’s website builder, this sounds like a lot of work but it actually makes the site much more customisable. This option is used by millions of different sites including business websites and blogs. How can you tell which option is right for you? We’re here to help with that.

wordpress hostingWordPress.com

This is the most basic style of WordPress hosting, it comes with a subdomain, which is like a domain name, but you are advertising the host as well as yourself. The address might be “www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com” which shows the name of your site and the host you are using. If the site is for personal use or is a start up to learn how websites work, this isn’t an issue. However a business should not stay on this track for too long as it appears unprofessional.

WordPress Hosting limited the amount of storage space and bandwidth available to each user as well as limited how customised each site can be. If you are looking for a basic site, or somewhere to start WordPress.com is perfect and once you find your feet they do have options to upgrade to a more professional look including a domain name, more space and templates. Upgrades can be taken care of through your current account.


This version is one of the most popular hosting styles on the planet because it is an incredibly easy to use program. The downside is you need to have a host compatible with MySQL and PHP, fear not as this is standard with most hosts these days. Once you have selected your host using WordPress is as easy as uploading it to your website and getting stuck in to building! WordPress is highly customisable and offers so much freedom enabling many features and themes. This is a bit of a costly approach however you could not get a more professional appearance anywhere else, and if money is a worry you have the control to place advertisements on your site if you’d like extra cash!

Who Should Use WordPress?

The short answer? Everyone! The .com version is a great starting point for small businesses and setting up your site with WordPress hosting gives them the skills they will need when it’s time to expand. Individuals can make great use of this version too! If it’s a professional site you desire .org has everything you need to stand out from the crowd although you will need to bring your own host and domain, after that leave everything to .org!

If you are unsure, starting out on .com is a great way to see if WordPress hosting can make all your website dreams come true, plus you gain experience on the most popular platform in the world! Remember to pay attention to the .com versions restrictions, this is only a starting block on you’re ready to reach for the clouds it’s time to upgrade to org.


WordPress is the platform for everyone. No matter what style of site you need, WordPress can do it. Plus once you are comfortable, you never have to leave, it’s as easy as clicking a button to upgrade and get even more of the features you love! Good WordPress hosting is not hard to find as all of the major hosting companies offer it.