unlimited hosting

The limits of choosing unlimited hosting

For a new website builder, finding the right unlimited hosting can be quite a daunting task. There are so many options, so naturally when unlimited hosting features such as storage space or bandwidth are mentioned, it sounds like a great idea. This is what hosts are hoping you’ll think, but how truly unlimited are these offers and what are they distracting you from really seeing?

unlimited hostingLimits of Unlimited Hosting

The big flashy print in pretty colours advertises unlimited, but what does the fine print say? Once you’ve struggled through it and really gotten down to basics it will often show that there are actually restrictions on the seemingly unlimited offers! Popular restrictions include limiting how much content can be added to a site at one time, backing up offline data is not permitted and there is generally a fair usage policy on what claims to be unlimited.

Limited Performance

The hosting companies offering unlimited hosting space actually have limited space. Servers cost money and the fees charged to clients don’t cover the costs of buying new servers to provide more space. Instead what happens is that many sites all share one server. All these sites have been offered unlimited space so if anyone is trying to take advantage of that offer they will slow down all the sites on their server.

No Account is Safe

It does not happen frequently, but it does happen, that a host will shut a users account, and therefore site, down. The reason this happens is that a user may be trying to use the unlimited space they signed up for and the host would rather them pay more for an upgraded package. They suggest this, if the user refuses, they shut them down. So much for unlimited…

What Really Matters With Unlimited Hosting

The unlimited hosting features are just a distraction to coax you in. These are not the features you should be shopping for. Most of the small hosting plans will still offer enough storage for a strong starting site, or more. The important features are uptime, disk speed and customer support. Without these your site may not be seen, of you might not be able to build one! A great way to get an idea on a host’s quality of service is to read reviews, from customers and an impartial third party.

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Unlimited hosting features is just an advertising gimmick, no host actually has access to unlimited servers to back up their claims so don’t get caught up in it. Instead plan the amount of space you might need and look for features that will support your sites actual needs instead of looking for unlimited hosting.