cloud hosting

What is cloud hosting?

How do you know if you need cloud hosting? 

cloud hostingWeb hosting has fast become a busy and competitive industry with so many different offers by a multitude of companies it can be tough trying to get your head around it all. Cloud hosting offers its users high performance, versatility and infrastructure to guarantee a secure and manageable interface that will still meet all of your websites needs. Cloud hosting obviously gets its name from its real world counterpart. The idea was that data could be stored in a way that would be invisible over the internet, like the data is hidden in a cloud and out of sight.


Features of Cloud Hosting

This form of hosting is fairly new and has become popular very quickly. It offers more powerful, extensible and secure hosting than the traditional set up. As a result of being in the cloud the websites are better protected from outages or other negative factors as the chain of servers that work together to support the cloud can cover for each other if some stop working. The websites are not pinned to one data centre and are free to move as needed to maintain their uptime.


Cloud hosting is actually made up of an application or program that runs on one or many different servers. These servers all work together to form virtualisation which just means that one or more servers are configured and partitioned into many servers that all work separately but will appear as one server to a user. It is this virtualisation that allows users to back up, upload, share files and so much more. Some companies even allow their users to manage permissions, restrictions and access to files.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are so many benefits to being on the cloud. These include:


  • Flexibility and security
  • Resource pooling
  • Device and location independence
  • Fast service
  • High performance and productivity
  • Virtualisation
  • Low costs and easy maintenance
  • Data encryption



Hosting on the cloud is an amazing opportunity that offers users greater security and protection from events that disrupt uptime. With all data being encrypted users are well protected from online threats and with greater control there are no barriers to prevent users for making their perfect website. Look into cloud hosting today as an alternative.