dedicated hosting

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is website hosting that allows a user to have a server all to themselves. This can be used for many different purposes but is most commonly used for hosting websites. Many websites can all come from the one server but it is used by only one person or company.

The Good and The Bad

dedicated hostingThe upsides to dedicated hosting is that there is a lot of flexibility. The user can select the hardware they’d like to use as well as the operating system they’d prefer. Websites hosted by a dedicated server have a better uptime because there aren’t as many people trying to access the same place causing congestion.

The downside is that to have your own server and so much control costs quite a lot. With shared hosting the cost of running the server is shared, but with dedicated hosting the costs is all on the one user.

When To Move To Dedicated Hosting

The only sites that actually need to choose dedicated hosting are the large corporations that have lots of traffic frequently. With so many people scrambling to view the site, there isn’t really another option. To be successful on a dedicated server it is important to have some technical experience as the server is completely in the users control and they can do all sorts of wonderful things with it.

No Need To Stress

Dedicated hosting does not have to be a nerve wracking experience. If anything goes wrong the the server it is likely to be fixed very quickly, even quicker than the servers used for shared hosting. As there is only one user on the server all issues are easier to solve and much fewer and farther between. Dedicated hosting should mean that the user can relax more because there are far less chances of things going wrong and on the extremely rare occasion that they do, they will be solved quickly.

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The hosting company offering dedicated servers must have a supportive and well trained customer service team and people on the ground in the data centre that strongly know what they are doing. If this support network is behind the site then dedicated hosting is a breeze. It is important to remember that only the largest of sites require this service, it’s expensive and should only be used by those who need it. If you are looking to upgrade, be sure to shop around for dedicated hosting as there are deals out there that will save you money.