shared hosting

What is shared hosting?

Is shared hosting for you? 

Shared hosting is one of the most popular forms of hosting on the market today. If you are interested in quickly getting a successful and possibly money earning site active as soon as possible then it’s time to make a quick decision on hosting. In this article we will investigate the pros and cons of shared hosting to help you make an educated decision.


shared hostingPros
The top feature that attracts website builders to shared hosting is the low cost. Most providers are able to sign you up to a plan that will offer all the space needed to get started, with the opportunity for expansion as well as unlimited domains and outstanding service for the price of lunch, or less! Shared hosting is a great option for new websites for this reason, it’s so easy to get started and will not break the bank. Save up to 60% on web hosting with Lock in the savings to get enterprise level hosting from for only $7.95 a month.

Upgrading made easy. This is generally speaking. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, discuss options with the host first. Most hosts however make it easy to upgrade! Once the site is well established, it will attract more and more visitors which will lead to requiring an upgrade, this usually means changing to a VPS plan. Most hosts know this is an eventuality and have a process in place that makes upgrading quick and pain free. Shared hosting done well does not lock you in and allows you to grow, making it such a wonderful place to start. Site Builder


For most users there is no argument against shared hosting. It is indisputably the best place to start your take over of the internet!  However for some, this is not the case. Some software is not permitted on shared hosting sites, because there are so many people on one server it is easier to keep the sites as simple as possible so if the site needs a specific software, check with the host first.

If speed is key, shared hosting may disappoint you in this area also. Most of the time speed isn’t much of an issue, but during peak hours when many of the sites on one server are being accessed, it can slow everybody’s site down.


First time users in general will strongly benefit from shared hosting, the low cost and range of features means they can get a strong start online. Once it is time to move up in the digital world a good host will be there to support you in your upgrade. If you are thinking of starting with shared hosting, it is important to ask questions about now, and the future.