vps hosting

What’s the scoop on VPS hosting?

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting  has been quickly rising in popularity and continues to do so because of the cost effective plans available which offer total customisation. VPS hosting provides the benefits of both dedicated and shared hosting for a more reasonable price! This is why more and more website builders are choosing to go with VPS hosting options. But to understand the benefits, we first need to understand what VPS actually is.

vps hostingWhat is VPS Hosting?
Most websites are hosted on physical servers that can hold many thousands of websites. Sites held on a VPS plan are no different. They are still on a server, however some software is used to make the experience as private as a dedicated server. This software actually dedicates space to your website, that no other site on the server can touch or affect, basically the software allows users to have a dedicated server for a fraction of the price!

Benefits of Using VPS Hosting
If complete control is your thing then VPS is for you as it allows complete customisation of your website, the kicker is that some previous knowledge is a must. If you’re unsure though there are plenty of professionals that would be glad to assist.

Are you application and widget crazy? VPS allows installation of as many as you like. It’s your server so go for it! Plus you will have the ability to choose your operating system and firewalls. Once you’re in the server feel free to install any software or programs you need, as long as you have space for them, you’re free to do as you please.

A VPS is exactly as it says, private and also highly secure, if your server could do with a reboot you can do so at any time without impacting on other servers and if the server next to you goes down, you will not be affected!

Looking to set up a number of sites? A VPS can hold them all and the plans to do so are much cheaper than dedicated hosting and have many more options than shared hosting.

There are so many benefits to choosing a VPS plan as long as you take the right plan with the right host. Some technical experience is required so be aware of the issues you might run into before signing up. If you have a clear plan for your website and know how to implement it, or have the people to do it for you, VPS hosting is a dream come true!