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Which control panel do I need for my web hosting?

How do I choose the right Control Panel for my website?

A control panel is the dashboard used by website builders to control their website! A decent panel will provide easy and intuitive management of the site as well as email accounts and domain names. It may even show some website statistics and will enable the builder to upload, delete and edit the files on their website.

control panelUsing a Control Panel
A control panel must be easy to figure out and use, there is now also the expectation that it will be intuitive to make building even more comfortable for its user. The more time spent learning how to use the control panel the longer it takes to get your site online. A control panel must allow even the most inexperienced user to try it out and understand quickly.

Management Features
There are many different aspects of a website that can be managed by its control panel. Some hosting companies offer users access to multiple domains. It is the control panel that will allow users to set these up easily without the needing to contact their host. Not only this but it also possible to build on those domains with the same panel and assign their storage space and bandwidth allowances.

Email accounts are an important part of any website. Once a user has many different domains all with their own email account it can become a tad too busy and confusing. The control panel allows its user to add and remove emails and possibly set up automatic responders. Doing it all from the one place makes life so much easier.

Finally and most importantly the control panel will allow users to manage their website! This includes uploading files and applications, deleting data, editing files and content, adding and editing software on the site and anything else you would like to do on the website itself! Web Hosting $3.95

Data and Statistics
Statistics are vital as they will show what is and isn’t working for the site, what visitors are doing when they stop by and which pages they are getting the most from. They also show the technical side such as how much storage space and bandwidth are being used and when it’s time to upgrade to a larger plan. Statistics are a website’s best friend and can also be found through the control panel.

Control panels vary greatly but fundamentally they must be easy to use and at a minimum provide users with the features outlined in this article. A user must be comfortable and in control with the panel they are using, before signing up to a host, check which control panel they offer.