Why Choose Unlimited Bandwidth?

Bandwidth relates to measuring how much data you website is using and finding unlimited bandwidth hosting requires some homework. It’s not necessarily how many people visit a site. For example if a page is filled with pictures and videos it might take up 500MB so each time a person visits 500MB of data is transferred from your website to their computer so they can see the page. However a page that is mainly text might only be 100MB so if five people visit this page it takes up the same amount of bandwidth as one person visiting the previous page. Most hosts now offer unlimited bandwidth to their users however how far does ‘unlimited’ really go?

unlimited bandwidth

Completely Unlimited

Believe it or not there are some hosts out there that actually offer completely unlimited bandwidth. There are no catches or hidden costs and you will not be forced to upgrade. With these hosts it doesn’t matter how many pictures or videos you show on your site the plan will cover it. However, most websites will not need this kind of coverage and could save money choosing a different option.

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Pretending Unlimited

The fine print will catch you every time! Truly unlimited anything is not common with hosting. There is almost always a catch in the form of a fair usage policy to keep site traffic at a more reasonable amount. Which is strange considering they advertised unlimited…Even the fair usage policies can come with  fine print that says the site might run slower during peak times. Most users will not be bothered by the restrictions of those hosts pretending to offer unlimited as the allowances still cover what the site needs.

Qualifying For Unlimited

There are hosts out there that want you to qualify for the right to use their unlimited features. They watch to see how much data you use in a month and if you are unlikely to go over their fair usage policy you may sign up. Make sure you read the fine print because while they claim to offer unlimited data some hosts actually demand extra fees be paid if you go over their fair usage amount!


Unlimited bandwidth can be great if it is truly unlimited. Read the fine print and know how much support your site is going to need. The majority of website builders (more than 99%) actually do not need unlimited bandwidth so before signing up, do some research and plan your site so you only pay for what you need and don’t get slapped with extra charges.